Moving to the Cloud with Third Party Data Center Maintenance

If your organization has a data center more than likely the team charged with running that data center is being asked in some form or fashion to:

  • Do more with

    • Example - Move as many applications as possible to the cloud...with what money?

Relutech wants to address this conversation. We are helping companies accelerate transitions to the cloud with Third Party Maintenance.

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Window to Work

At the time of this article, the United States’ National Unemployment Rate is 3.6%.  This statistic drives markets, reserves, trends, stability and fragility of a nation, all while being compacted within the confines of a simple number. This guiding indicator drives so much of who we are and what we accomplish. The question becomes how does it determine activity and relevancy for your day-to-day technical recruiter and your eager candidate on an even larger scale; the Global Recruitment Process?

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Cloud Champion Community

As companies move to the cloud and adopt more hybrid environments, the need for professionals with experience and certifications across multiple cloud platforms becomes greater. That's one of the many reasons we've kickstarted the Cloud Champion Community.  To provide a resource for Cloud professionals where they can have access to information on education/certification sponsorships, relevant events/webinars, career opportunities, and more!

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Third Party Maintenance Timeline : When to Effectively Utilize the Cost Benefits

Keep in mind ReluTech’s model for providing support is the exact same as the OEM. Although, our support is executed with an emphasis on customer service. With a US based help desk, a one call escalation to a platform specific tier 3-4 engineer, and SLA’s that mirror the OEM’s (24x7x4, 9x5xNBD, etc.), you will get all the same support capabilities that you are used to receiving with a large manufacturer, but with the intimate feeling of dealing with a smaller company.

We are in the business of providing cost effective so that you can spend your IT budget on… well… something else!

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Ladies in Technology : Inside ReluTech

As part of the initiative of continued engagement among employees, an idea came to fruition when we recently decided to formulate a group that empowers the women who work here. The group we formed is known as ‘Ladies in Technology’. Female employees in ReluTech meet once a month to go over upcoming events in our community, discuss openly about life as a woman in a male dominated industry, and even incorporate a book club within the group to read all sorts of inspirational books by female writers. Not only does this group bring out more engagement among the women within our organization, but it has been amazing to see all the men rally behind the Ladies in Technology - they even attend all the different events we have been going to as well!

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Data Center Maintenance Plan

Planning your data center maintenance strategy used to be easy.  OK - maybe not easy, but much easier than it is now. Today the pressures have intensified, the timelines and budgets have shrunk, while complexity and risks have increased.   It wasn’t that long ago when most companies had datacenters with equipment from only 2-3 manufacturers, and businesses could survive extended periods of downtime for data center moves, disasters or planned upgrades.   Today, companies have hundreds of vendor products from numerous manufacturers and even more contracts associated with these assets. A multitude of leasing agreements, software, and hardware maintenance contracts may all have unique expiration dates.    And for nearly every business in today’s online world, the cost of downtime has skyrocketed.

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Women in Tech: What are the Stats?

1 trillion. 12 million. 72,000. What do these numbers have in common? Technology. According to, the top technology firms in the US had combined revenue of $1 trillion in 2018, contributing to almost 12 million jobs in the US technology workforce alone. However, only ¼ of these positions were held by women. As for the representation of female leadership in technology? A staggering 72,000 in 2018.

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“Hacking” the Cloud Security Talent Pool

It’s no secret that more and more forward-thinking companies are taking the necessary steps to move into the cloud, whether it be a public cloud such as Amazon Web Services, a private cloud, or a hybrid cloud platform. For the companies that are trying to get ahead of the game, here are some tips in “hacking” the cloud security talent pool.

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Family Friendly Activities in Atlanta

Whether it’s having to take care of a sick kid (thanks daycare!) from home or leaving a little early to get to T-ball practice on time, I know my co-workers and management team have my back whenever I need it. These little things add up and I think are a direct reflection of a high-performing team and very satisfied employees. Working at ReluTech near an amazing city such as Atlanta is unbeatable as there are many options for fun family activities:

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