The Best Places in Atlanta

So many other places fulfill me in Atlanta. After arriving here in 1996, I was impressed by the fact that if you are interested in something specific, you can find it! What a splendid melting pot Atlanta is, not only with people but with what it has to offer!

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AtlantaSue Picken
What Makes a Successful Recruiter

But while working on the Talent Solutions team at ReluTech, I have had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented Senior Cloud Consultants. What’s a Senior Cloud Consultant, you might ask? That’s what ReluTech calls their technical recruiters, who are all AWS certified cloud professionals….

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Talent SolutionsTaylor Vahle
How ReluTech Stands Out

At ReluTech, the culture is focused around growing yourself to become better, personally and professionally. Whether it be charity events, professional meetups, or public speaking opportunities, the company is focused on providing every employee with the ability to develop themselves for the better….

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Inside ReluTechRyan Madore
Getting to the Cloud

A considerable amount of my life has been spent on an airplane. Having a father that works at a major airline in Atlanta gave me the opportunity to see the world in a different way; from above – in the clouds. I find it to be a funny coincidence that my career is also helping others get into the cloud…

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MBBSHelen Kim