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5 Ways to Be Successful at a Startup

I hear it all the time, “I can't take any more PTO”, “I hate my job”, “Only 3 more days until the weekend!”. Most of my peers are working at large corporations where they’re miserable with their day to day responsibilities. But, when they hear about my day to day, our unlimited PTO, flexible hours, beer on tap, and fun work culture, they think I have the best job around. At a startup that's run the right way, there is a lot of flexibility - you are able to have input, spend time with executives, and if you are ambitious and successful, you have the ability to be noticed and move up quickly. However, a startup environment is not one that all types can thrive in. You need to be disciplined, motivated, and above all, productive, as there is nowhere to hide in a small company. Below are my top 5 ways to stay productive at a startup:

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Lunch Time in Norcross

Monday through Friday is a grind when you are in sales. Every week could potentially make or break your year. When I have a stressful first half of the day at work, I like to unwind at lunch with my friends. My coworkers and I have come to be regulars at a few places around our office in the Norcross area. Keep reading to learn more about the best places in Norcross, my thoughts, and most importantly, what I recommend you order.

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Quota Trip: What it means for an IT Recruiter at ReluTech

…”And the word of the month is Intention!”, said our President, Ted Pappas in our weekly Monday morning meeting (ironically called TedTalks). The discussion of being intentional with our customers failed to escape me as I sipped on Jack Daniels during our Quota Trip in Cancun last week. Funny how even the strongest drinks can’t quell the most compelling of statements and ideologies. And although I hit my quota for the second year in a row, the stakes are raised and the better I have to be at my job. So what do I do for a living? I’m an IT Recruiter for a company called ReluTech which has 3 business segments:

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