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IT Recruiting: Google Cloud Platform

With a background in growing out an AWS Premier Partner, our Talent Solutions team understands the unique challenges an organization faces when hiring top quality Cloud Professionals. Now that Google Cloud Platform is growing quickly, we look forward to helping companies find the talent they need to take full advantage of the cloud!

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ADD + Procrastination + a Brain = AWS Cloud Practitioner Cert. How I did it.

This past November, I took the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam and to my surprise, actually passed. It took me two attempts to attain the certification - and I was so proud of myself. For you it may not be a big deal, but you’ll have to understand a few things about me to comprehend why this was so impactful for me:

1) I’m a horrible test taker.

2) I’m horrible at memorization.

3) I’m the world’s best procrastinator with a hint of ADD sprinkled on top.

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Window to Work

At the time of this article, the United States’ National Unemployment Rate is 3.6%.  This statistic drives markets, reserves, trends, stability and fragility of a nation, all while being compacted within the confines of a simple number. This guiding indicator drives so much of who we are and what we accomplish. The question becomes how does it determine activity and relevancy for your day-to-day technical recruiter and your eager candidate on an even larger scale; the Global Recruitment Process?

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Cloud Champion Community

As companies move to the cloud and adopt more hybrid environments, the need for professionals with experience and certifications across multiple cloud platforms becomes greater. That's one of the many reasons we've kickstarted the Cloud Champion Community.  To provide a resource for Cloud professionals where they can have access to information on education/certification sponsorships, relevant events/webinars, career opportunities, and more!

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“Hacking” the Cloud Security Talent Pool

It’s no secret that more and more forward-thinking companies are taking the necessary steps to move into the cloud, whether it be a public cloud such as Amazon Web Services, a private cloud, or a hybrid cloud platform. For the companies that are trying to get ahead of the game, here are some tips in “hacking” the cloud security talent pool.

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Working For & With ReluTech

I’m Alix Dickinson, a Sr. Account Executive on the Talent Solutions team at Relutech. As a part of this team, I focus on finding top tech talent for my clients, as quickly as possible. I also like to help find top talent for my team as well. In this video, I explain why our clients love working with us, as well as why I, along with my colleagues, love working for Relutech.

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Quota Trip: What it means for an IT Recruiter at ReluTech

…”And the word of the month is Intention!”, said our President, Ted Pappas in our weekly Monday morning meeting (ironically called TedTalks). The discussion of being intentional with our customers failed to escape me as I sipped on Jack Daniels during our Quota Trip in Cancun last week. Funny how even the strongest drinks can’t quell the most compelling of statements and ideologies. And although I hit my quota for the second year in a row, the stakes are raised and the better I have to be at my job. So what do I do for a living? I’m an IT Recruiter for a company called ReluTech which has 3 business segments:

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The Transition

Don’t fear the transition into recruiting.  While you can read books, articles, blogs, papers, etc. on how to make the transition, the most important skill to understand is to be yourself.  You will not succeed in any transition if you happen to lose the most important element of yourself and what makes you, YOU!

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