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Maintenance Contract Terms

If you have ever signed a maintenance renewal contract with the OEM you have experienced this. Once you submit your signed renewal, you are then locked into that contract for the term of your agreement with no flexibility that aligns with your future IT changes that may or may not be planned. ReluTech 3rd party maintenance is the solution to this problem, and we have implemented several contract terms that gives you, the customer, complete control of your future.

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Moving to the Cloud with Third Party Data Center Maintenance

If your organization has a data center more than likely the team charged with running that data center is being asked in some form or fashion to:

  • Do more with

    • Example - Move as many applications as possible to the cloud...with what money?

Relutech wants to address this conversation. We are helping companies accelerate transitions to the cloud with Third Party Maintenance.

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Third Party Maintenance Timeline : When to Effectively Utilize the Cost Benefits

Keep in mind ReluTech’s model for providing support is the exact same as the OEM. Although, our support is executed with an emphasis on customer service. With a US based help desk, a one call escalation to a platform specific tier 3-4 engineer, and SLA’s that mirror the OEM’s (24x7x4, 9x5xNBD, etc.), you will get all the same support capabilities that you are used to receiving with a large manufacturer, but with the intimate feeling of dealing with a smaller company.

We are in the business of providing cost effective so that you can spend your IT budget on… well… something else!

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Data Center Maintenance Plan

Planning your data center maintenance strategy used to be easy.  OK - maybe not easy, but much easier than it is now. Today the pressures have intensified, the timelines and budgets have shrunk, while complexity and risks have increased.   It wasn’t that long ago when most companies had datacenters with equipment from only 2-3 manufacturers, and businesses could survive extended periods of downtime for data center moves, disasters or planned upgrades.   Today, companies have hundreds of vendor products from numerous manufacturers and even more contracts associated with these assets. A multitude of leasing agreements, software, and hardware maintenance contracts may all have unique expiration dates.    And for nearly every business in today’s online world, the cost of downtime has skyrocketed.

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