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Backup and Recovery vs. Data Protection

Today’s mentality for data protection versus traditional backup and recovery presents a very fine gray line. Customers have essentially been forced into a fundamental shift of the principles driving buying behaviors. They've accommodated virtualization and work hard to coordinate storage array snapshots into coherent data protection strategies, but the word that comes up more often than not in discussions on snapshot effectiveness is "kludge".

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Big Iron is Here to Stay

I cannot count the number of times I’ve engaged a customer in conversation, only to end up discussing their highly-virtualized platform and partial use of public cloud. Once I ask about Big Iron, the response is usually an embarrassed, “Oh yeah, we have that, too. We’re probably the only ones still using it, right?”

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Tidbits For EMC, Dell, or NetApp Shops Considering Third-Party Maintenance

Do you feel like you’re getting squeezed, strong-armed, or misled by your VAR or OEM in their attempt to push you to a newer technology? With December right around the corner, you need to know the following tidbits about EMC, NetApp, and Dell storage.

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