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Tidbits Part II: Considering Third-Party Maintenance for EMC, Dell, HP, and NetApp

Last year, I wrote a blog to share some of the market knowledge I had gained from talking with hundreds of customers about post-warranty support (third-party maintenance) for some of the most common storage platforms. Since then, a few areas of the market have changed, our capabilities have increased, and thousands more companies have at least considered third-party support after seeing a staggeringly high renewal quote from their vendor.

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Commodity is Cool

Servers, storage and networking equipment are commonly referred to as commodity hardware in traditional datacenters. Even though this hardware is readily available and is becoming less expensive, its importance should not be underestimated. The dependence on data center hardware to seamlessly run companies is at an all-time high; and will only get stronger.

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Fire, Tornado, Flood: We have you covered!

If I were a corporation, and this was my critical data, a foolproof Disaster Recovery policy would be necessary. A DR plan protects my data and business if disaster strikes – whether by natural or man-made causes. For my pictures, this disaster could be in the form of a virus, a faulty hard drive, or my basement flooding. In any Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan, it is important to take several factors into consideration.

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