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Big Iron is here to stay

I cannot count the number of times I’ve engaged a customer in conversation, only to end up discussing their highly-virtualized platform and partial use of public cloud. Once I ask about Big Iron, the response is usually an embarrassed, “Oh yeah, we have that, too. We’re probably the only ones still using it, right?”

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Observing HPE’s acquisitions of SimpliVity and Nimble through the lens of recent history

The big acquisition story of 2015 and 2016 (and surely the millennium thus far) was Dell/EMC, and there’s a good chance that won’t be topped for a long time. But if there’s a single storage OEM that has made a big splash thus far in 2017, it’s obviously HPE.

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Tidbits part II: Considering third-party maintenance for EMC, Dell, HP, and NetApp

Last year, I wrote a blog to share some of the market knowledge I had gained from talking with hundreds of customers about post-warranty support (third-party maintenance) for some of the most common storage platforms. Since then, a few areas of the market have changed, our capabilities have increased, and thousands more companies have at least considered third-party support after seeing a staggeringly high renewal quote from their vendor.

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