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How ReluTech Stands Out

At ReluTech, the culture is focused around growing yourself to become better, personally and professionally. Whether it be charity events, professional meetups, or public speaking opportunities, the company is focused on providing every employee with the ability to develop themselves for the better….

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Inside ReluTechRyan Madore
The Life of a Full Time Working Mom

My blog could be written in one sentence:  work/life balance doesn’t actually exist anymore, you just learn how to manage.

Approximately two months ago, I walked away from a leadership role at a Fortune 16 company to embark on a career here at ReluTech as their Director of Sales.  When I tell you that going from corporate America to a company with 54 employees was a major change, I’d be…

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New Grad to an IT Environment

I have experienced many challenges, successes, and failures during my time at ReluTech so far. From Ted Talks and Toastmasters, to mock interviews, to now doing my own professional phone screens with real candidates, my role at ReluTech has really challenged me to step outside of my comfort…

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Starting ReluTech - Thank You Meatloaf!

I recall one day in Sept 1980, during the beginning of my senior year at Fort Walton Beach High School. It was still very hot in the Florida Panhandle– nearly 90 degrees. Fortunately for me, wearing shorts, flip flops and tee shirts was appropriate attire at our school. I was out in the school parking lot one day and Ann Margaret Thompson (not her real name) was walking towards me smiling. She was the most beautiful girl at our school, perhaps in all of Florida. I couldn’t imagine someone more beautiful in the entire universe.

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Good to Great in Drunken Lawn Darts

Over the past few years, I have been asked the same question 100’s of times: What has been your strategy in starting all your successful companies? It is hard to believe, but I am now on my 5th company (Canvas Systems, Optimus Solutions, Corus360, Relus Cloud, and ReluTech). There were a few others I was either involved in or started as well (Atadata, FastIT and IHaveIT). To the strategy question, I usually shrug my shoulders and provide a somewhat lame response. “I dunno, it was a combination of lucky timing and having a great team”, is my usual answer. I often add, “I really have never had a strategy”. I guess that has never been entirely true. I have actually had a crazy strategy that finally deserves a name - Good to Great in Drunken Lawn Darts.

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Ladies in Technology : Inside ReluTech

As part of the initiative of continued engagement among employees, an idea came to fruition when we recently decided to formulate a group that empowers the women who work here. The group we formed is known as ‘Ladies in Technology’. Female employees in ReluTech meet once a month to go over upcoming events in our community, discuss openly about life as a woman in a male dominated industry, and even incorporate a book club within the group to read all sorts of inspirational books by female writers. Not only does this group bring out more engagement among the women within our organization, but it has been amazing to see all the men rally behind the Ladies in Technology - they even attend all the different events we have been going to as well!

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