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You Own You

I’m re-reading my favorite book of all time for at least the 10th time; Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden. Likely the most decorated sporting coach in history and perhaps the most underrated teacher of how to embed his coaching principles into ones daily life. Coach Wooden was a

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Find A Way

The business I’m in is tough. That said, there are levels of professional toughness that far exceed the work I’m in…an oil rigger is tough; physically taxing and long hours in hostile environments. Tough would also describe a lumberjack; working outdoors in a variety of weather elements. And perhaps the most tough job of all is the Alaskan Crab Fisherman; 24 hour shifts, bitter weather and a certain death if one falls over into the cold, dark sea.

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A Culture of Intention

I recently attended an event where I was asked to speak to a group regarding how corporate culture is to millennials. To say it was an eye-opening experience is an understatement. In most ways, I found the concerns millennials have about culture and the modern working environment are the exact same concerns I faced early in my career. As the session moved on, I decided to keep my answers laser focused on what my company values in our culture: we believe the single most important thing about developing culture is that we are all responsible for living it in action (not just in words) all the time, regardless of one’s role within our business.

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